Ted Atkinson - Jive House

Hi Ross: "Love your system of learning". Remembering patterns allows the ear to take up the notes and intervals and give the player the exercises to naturally play. From my experience this is a Male way of life "learning pattern style". Great site and most productive. Kind Regards Ted Atkinson ((Jive House)

You offer a great gift for musical understanding. Any thing that makes this road to musical understanding easier can only be good. I have found the modes a usefull tool and can be compared to a cooking spice rack. Each mode offers a different flavour and direction. Every great guitarist uses the modes and scales in their own way and I find I can identify great icon players by this. Passion comes first followed by understanding and practise. Awesome site.

Ted Atkinson

7 Mar 2009


ross → guitarmodes.com.au

Thanks Ted

Your many years experience playing guitar and bass with some of the Australian icon players, such as Harvey James, certainly gives you authority to provide a critique for Guitarmodes.

Hope the words "Awsome site" mean the same around the world as they do here.

Your comments have given the site a kick start.

Ross - Guitarmodes