Margaret Bowcher AMEB Piano Teacher and Concert Pianist in Australia (April 2010)

Hey Ross, I just wanted to say a few words about your new concept of modes.
My son Scott has benefited greatly applying your course to the 6 string guitar as well as the bass guitar. Our understanding and use of modes became much easier using your technique whereas prior to this it had usually been dumped in the too hard basket which then limits a player to the major, minor and melodic scales.
Your "out of the box" thinking has sparked a light in me to look at this method also in relation to the piano.
At times our own musicianship gets stale and we tend to get set in our ways. It is truly wonderful to have my interest rekindled by a spark from another musician and I am deeply in your gratitude for relighting that flame not only in me but my son and it will no doubt roll over to anyone I teach or discuss modes with.
We cannot expect to reach new heights if we
are not open to change.

Thanks Ross

Margaret Bowcher

28 Apr 2010


ross →

Thank you Margaret, I am humbled by your critique.
Your ability to derive a particular application to the piano from the Guitarmodes method is an indication of your open approach and intuition.
In a formal teaching situation such as yours, there is very little room for variation from conservative teaching methods. Your willingness to give the method a try then to find benefit is extremely reassuring.

Scott is an astute student. He will definitely capitalise on his new found method to play all scales across the fretboard.

Kind Regards