Maqk Anthony - Glam Rock Guitarist from Masta Gravity (May 2010)

Hey Ross,

Checked out your modes, awesome technique and something I could use in my guitar solo's. A total benefit to all guitarist who don't understand scales. Any other helpful techniques that you know of?

Maqk Anthony - MASTA GRAVITY

9 May 2010


ross →

Hi Maqk

Thank you for your investment.

Your comments are of great value especially coming from a uniquely competent musician.

I admire the way you travel across the fretboard and am looking forward to seeing you again playing that very different looking and sounding guitar through that mighty Marshall amp.

Would double stop harmonies for all modes of the Harmonic minor scale add a usable scope to your originals? The 5th mode of this scale produces killer sounding double stops.
I am sure not many people realise this gem because they have never had an easly accessible way to learn this scale, it's modes and it's harmonies.

Try the GM lesson on playing diagonally to help you stucture chords from the 1 3 5 7 9 11 degrees of the major scale and it's modes.

Much appreciated comments.

Kind Regards, Ross