Jamie Mathew - Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre

Just your average guitarist, 3 chords and a pentatonic scale was all I ever learned to play, everything else was just too hard. So when Ross first introduced me to this method, I thought, (nah, it can't be that easy to play all those complicated modes in any key). But after 1 quick 30 minute lesson, "BANG" a whole new musical universe just opened up before my eyes. Now I can play in any mode any where on the fretboard in any key.
I would recomend this simple system to anyone. Once you see how easy it is you will kick yourself. It's like colouring in by numbers.
I felt that my guitar playing advanced from Pub Rocker to Guitar Virtuoso overnight, its amazing!

7 Aug 2009


ross → guitarmodes.com.au

Thanks Jamie for your honest critique.

It is interesting to note that with your many years in the music retail industry, that you have never come across this unique method of teaching modes.

Hoping you comments will help get the message out there.