Geoff Welbourn (November 2013)

hi ross, thanks so much for taking the time to share yr experience in relation to modes... i have done some homework and diagramatically identified the 7 modes across the fretboard (for the key of c) which really helps support the number system you teach... im still learning to count it would seem but i am truely inspired to learn this system second nature....thanks again ross, i hope we can sit down and do some more, of course i would like to study this in depth with you if we can come to some mutual arrangement....many thanks.

4 Nov 2013


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Geoff is an amazingly accomplished natural vocalist/guitar/harmonica and bass player. Recently performing at Narooma Blues Festival.
He has recorded his new songs recently with high profile musicians such as Tim Gaze.
Music has infinite variables, Geoff has armed himself with music theory tools to explore those possibilities.