Donald Kemp - Custom Covers (Feb 2010)

Guitar Modes offers a new and innovative approach to learning the Major Modes on guitar and bass.

NEW! It appears the serious players are interested in your GM method after all. It does have great potential for beginners just taking up their instrument. Also musicians that don't read music, and find music theory daunting, will have no trouble grasping the simplicity of this lesson.

The guys at Guitar Modes, by changing the eight note scale have discovered mathematical patterns [shapes] on the fretboard, that can have you playing modes anywhere on your guitar or bass instantly. As well as being an introduction to the full Harmonized Scale, this lesson is also useful in explaining 'Intervals' , another area that confuses the novice player.

This lesson is must for any Guitar or Bass players who need to follow sophisticated changes without a background of theoretical knowledge on their instrument.

Don {The Doc} Kemp

3 Mar 2009


ross →

Thank you Mr Kemp

Your observations identify the difference between formal and informal teaching methods.

A teacher may require a student to learn scales by reading musical notation, or, instruct students by teaching patterns.

The basis for Guitarmodes method is to provide patterns that allow complete knowledge of scales and the fretboard. eg. We learn the numbers and how to count before we learn Differentiation and Integration.

With your many years studying the instrument, I am pleased to hear that you consider Guitarmodes method to be unique.

Your comments may well assist Guitarmodes method to crack the world market.

Ross - Guitarmodes