Bruce Arnold - Renowned New York Jazz Guitarist and Author of 800 Page Theory Books - (FEBRUARY 2010)

I've never heard of the X-X-X method but it's funny because I use XXXXtonic scales in my compositions and improvisation a lot so I found it interesting. I see why you are doing it and it's not a bad idea.

Bruce Arnold has been working with twelve-tone music for the past ten years persistently refining and developing its application to modern jazz composition and improvisation. The LA Times said "Arnold deserves credit for his effort to expand the jazz palette" and his three CDs ("Blue Eleven" "A Few Dozen" and "Give 'Em Some") have all received universal praise from both jazz and classical circles. He teaches at Princeton University and is currently the Director of NYU's Summer Jazz Guitar Program. He has written over forty books of music instruction.

8 Feb 2010


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Thank you Bruce. It is important to note that the Guitarmodes method melds with your formal theoretical background.

Your knowledge of music theory is astounding. Books containing 800 pages of scales and chords. 1000's of pages of invaluable information.

Your positive assessment of the Guitarmodes method has been the best reference for reinforcing that we have something unique and valid to offer.