Geoff Welbourn (November 2013)

hi ross, thanks so much for taking the time to share yr experience in relation to modes... i have done some homework and diagramatically identified the 7 modes across the fretboard (for the key of c) which really helps support the number system you teach...

Silvano Musca Supports His Playing with Theory (February 2013)

I have been playing the guitar off and on now for about 40 years and the whole idea surrounding the modes is new to me and I must say a bit confusing. I have a general idea on how they work but which modes to use over which chords is still a bit confusing. The information that you provide is put forth in a clear and systomatic manner, easy to understand and digest.

Maqk Anthony - Glam Rock Guitarist from Masta Gravity (May 2010)

Hey Ross,

Checked out your modes, awesome technique and something I could use in my guitar solo's. A total benefit to all guitarist who don't understand scales. Any other helpful techniques that you know of?

Maqk Anthony - MASTA GRAVITY

Margaret Bowcher AMEB Piano Teacher and Concert Pianist in Australia (April 2010)

Hey Ross, I just wanted to say a few words about your new concept of modes.
My son Scott has benefited greatly applying your course to the 6 string guitar as well as the bass guitar. Our understanding and use of modes became much easier using your technique whereas prior to this it had usually been dumped in the too hard basket which then limits a player to the major, minor and melodic scales.

Kerry McAlister keen musician from the US

Very satisfied with the course! I
found the best thing was to look at the
lesson, with guitar in hand, and just play the diagrams.
Was indeed a great help!
Thanks again for your help,
Kerry McAllister

Bruce Arnold - Renowned New York Jazz Guitarist and Author of 800 Page Theory Books - (FEBRUARY 2010)

I've never heard of the X-X-X method but it's funny because I use XXXXtonic scales in my compositions and improvisation a lot so I found it interesting. I see why you are doing it and it's not a bad idea.

Bruce Arnold has been working with twelve-tone music for the past ten years persistently refining and developing its application to modern jazz composition and improvisation.

Dan Hayes - Author of (US) (January 2010)

Ross, this is an ingenious method. I've never seen this before. It's clearly very original and completely accesible to even a beginner! My complements on such an original and simple concept.

Alan Mulley - Jazz/Blues Guitarist - Project Manager Regional Development South Coast Australia

Wow ! Even for an old 3 chord and Pentatonic Bluesman like me your Guitarmodes method opened up a whole new world of playing.

There are now more notes on my fret board that I know what to do with. Thanks Ross.

Marcus Adamson - Beach Tracks Studio - Formally Trained Lismore University

This method opens up the fingerboard so that the pentatonic scales can be
applied to get other sounds.
If you apply the modal steps with the pentatonic scale you get different
harmonic sounds so you can break away from the pack but still use the
boxes/positions you already know. Thanks Ross.

Jamie Mathew - Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre

Just your average guitarist, 3 chords and a pentatonic scale was all I ever learned to play, everything else was just too hard. So when Ross first introduced me to this method, I thought, (nah, it can't be that easy to play all those complicated modes in any key). But after 1 quick 30 minute lesson, "BANG" a whole new musical universe just opened up before my eyes.

Ted Atkinson - Jive House

Hi Ross: "Love your system of learning". Remembering patterns allows the ear to take up the notes and intervals and give the player the exercises to naturally play. From my experience this is a Male way of life "learning pattern style". Great site and most productive. Kind Regards Ted Atkinson ((Jive House)

You offer a great gift for musical understanding.

Donald Kemp - Custom Covers (Feb 2010)

Guitar Modes offers a new and innovative approach to learning the Major Modes on guitar and bass.

NEW! It appears the serious players are interested in your GM method after all. It does have great potential for beginners just taking up their instrument.