Wholetone Scale Explained (June 2010)

The Wholetone scale is also known as the Augmented scale. Guitarmodes gives you a method to play this scale across the fretboard. Actually, this scale is very simple so you may feel you do not need a method.

There are 7 notes. Each note of the scale may be considered as the starting root note of the scale.
Just start on your selected root note then maintain the pattern.

Finger/note positions form a pattern showing notes to be located at every second fret on every string.

These are the notes in the key of C.
C D E F# G# A#

To create the Augmented chord, use the 1st, 3rd and 5th note from your starting position (key).

You can start on the second note then do the 1st, 3rd, 5th. Just get someone else to play the root note. Try remembering the sound or location of your starting note.

Take a look at the layout at this site :


Look for sites that give information on the application of the Wholetone scale.

18 Jun 2010