Understanding Guitar Modes (Feb 2010)

Web lessons sites and video lessons sites know of modes to be difficult to understand. Well, no longer. Modes are not at all difficult to understand or teach using our new method. You no longer need to be experienced or formally taught to understand modes.

Here are quotations from populars sites:
"Modal theory is very simple once you understand it, and yet, this simple concept has been the cause of more confusion than any other musical principle in existence."
Guitarmodes makes it simple to understand from the beginning.

"Modal scales have caused an enormous amount of confusion and frustration, perhaps more than any other musical concept."
Gone, no more confusion.

"What are modes?", "How do I play all the modes across the fretboard?", "How do I memorise the modes?", "How do I remember scales?".
We have been working hard throughout 2009 developing and promoting this new method to provide the answers to these questions.

Guitarmodes allows modes to be taught at beginner level at the same stage as teaching finger placement for open chords. No longer exclusive to experienced players.

The method provides a broad base of understanding for the many disciplines of theory or styles that you may decide to follow.

I know the frustration of not having the knowledge of the modes and the fretboard. Don't go through 2010 not knowing.

21 Feb 2010