The Altered Scale Explained (June 2010)

Guitarmodes allows you to play all modes of the harmonic minor scale in a few minutes without the use of sharps or flats.

The altered scale. eg. C alt scale, is the seventh mode of the harmonic minor scale.

The word altered meaning that most of the notes in the scale have been made sharp or flat.

eg. 1 b9 #9 3 b5 #5 b7.
The chord C7#5#9 = C alt.

This takes a lot of theory knowledge to comprehend.

We make this task easy for you at beginner level We apply our method.

You will have the knowledge to play all modes of the harmonic minor scale, create arpegios, double stop harmonies, chords.

You will need to practice and you will need to go to other suggested web sites and teachers for application but you will understand what they are talking about and you will know how to play all scales.

10 Jun 2010