Skype Guitar Scales and Modes Lessons (May 2010) Sorry, English language only is offering Skype Video guitar lessons.
You will learn to play all scales fluently across the fretboard with our simple unique method.
These lessons will give you the knowledge and ablity to comprehend all lessons on the internet and in books.

Lesson A

Major scale and all modes.
Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian.
You will have the knowledge to play all modes in all keys in one lesson.

Lesson B

Harmonic minor scale.
The scale and all modes. For example, the 5th mode is the Hijaz scale.

Lesson C

Major pentatonic scale.
The scale and all modes. For example, the 5th mode is the common A Blues pentatonic scale.

Lesson D

Harmony for the major modes.
Learn double stops (2 note harmonies) for each of the modes. Once again a unique simple method.

Lesson E

Harmony for the harmonic minor scale.
You will not believe your ears when you hear the unique sound that harmonies produce with this scale.

Best to proceed through lessons A to E unless you have had previous experience.

Best not to have other interested parties nearby during the lesson. You may try recording the lesson.

Guitarmodes method may be applied to all scales, use it to teach students or to learn.

You will receive diagrams for individual lessons via Skype 'File send' facility.

Contact Ross, to organise Paypal payment and Skype One to One Video Lesson date/time.

One lesson is $25.00. If you have purchased a online lesson for $2.95, your first lesson will be $20.00.

You will have the opportunity to complete the lesson at a later time if Skype is disconnected during the lesson.

Looking forward to hearing from beginners, intermediate and advanced level guitarists. Ross.

4 May 2010