Piano Modes by Applying Scale Patterns(December 2012)

Guitarmodes has provided pictures of the piano keyboard showing white keys and black keys to be the same length. (See Lesson page Session 28).
This approach is a little extraordinary but does comply with conventional classical lessons.

All 12 notes and all octaves of the instrument are layed out evenly.
It is a great way to see how all scales and their modes form linear patterns.

Firstly, play the 8 notes (7 + the octave note, starting on C note, Ionian mode) of the Major scale.
Your fingers will form a pattern.

If you would like to play the Dorian mode you only need to move your fingers 2 notes to the left and maintain the same pattern.
Keep the same shape with your fingers but start by using the finger that is resting on the C note.

You could work on this yourself or go to our $2.95Au comprehensive Lesson page.

10 Dec 2012