Pentatonic Scales Over Modes (January 2011)

Guitarmodes has another unique simple teaching method, this time for locating and playing minor Pentatonic scales across the fretboard at the same time as playing major modes.

This is an exercise in bringing major modes and pentatonic scales together as one, as they should be taught initially.
You may have seen articles on mixing scales and modes, things like 'can you play minor pentatonic over Dorian mode?'. Guitarmodes has clear precise explanations.

Do you know that there are 3 positions that you can play the old pentatonic box shapes when playing over the major modes. You could consider starting the box shapes on 3 particular notes from the 3 modes.

Don't worry, we teach this at beginner level using beginner terminology.

Experienced players unfortunately, will have to apply a little (much) discipline to take advantage of this knowledge. So hard to go back to basics, fortunately you will find the GM method to be quick.

30 Dec 2010