Pentatonic Scale Played as Modes (August 2012)

Hi all.

Major Scale and Pentatonic scale combined as modes.

Guitar modes provides you with a method for both forms of the major scale. Once again this concept is just one of the outcomes of applying the simple Guitarmodes method.

Think of the Minor Pentatonic scale as a mode of the major Pentatonic scale, not as "A blues Pentatonic" for example.

The Pentatonic scale has 5 modes, one for each note of its scale. Starting the 5th mode of the pentatonic scale in a selected key gives you the
Minor Pentatonic scale that you use in Blues.

When playing the major scale, select the 5 Pentatonic notes. These 5 notes now become available to use as modes.
As you would apply major modes, you can now apply pentatonic modes in the same way.

Don't spend a fortune on internet lessons. Learn the Guitarmodes method, it is a foundation that will make sense and allow you to understand and apply every other lesson.

Download Youtube videos, learn the riffs then extend them using your Guitarmodes knowledge.

Please Contact Ross if you have any questions.

1 Sep 2012