Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale Made Easy

Guitarmodes method Lesson page once again simplifies this normally physicist baffling task.

Learn the NEW Guitarmodes method of playing across the fretboard and ALL lesson will become easy.

Use the Aeolian scale and sharpen the 5th degree of the related major scale (or raise the seventh note) to obtain the Harmonic Minor scale.
(We simplify these concepts in our Lesson page).


The basis is the C major scale. Start on the A note:

1 - A - 6th note of the C Major scale
2 - B - 7th note "
3 - C - 1st note "
4 - D - 2nd note "
5 - E - 3rd note "
6 - F - 4th note "
7 - G# - Sharpen the 5th note of the C major scale
1 - A - This is the same as the starting note.

The first numbered column represents the degrees of the Harmonic Minor scale.

The second lettered column and third numbered column represent the notes and degrees of the C Major scale.

You could start each of the following examples in the A position and use an A note as backing so that you may hear the difference between each mode.

Start with the second degree of the Harmonic Minor scale in the A position. This would then become the second mode of the Harmonic minor scale.
eg. 2 3 4 5 6 7# 1 then 2

Third mode would be:
3 4 5 6 7# 1 2 then 3


Remember it is always best to count the degrees as you play the notes.

Normally the application of this information would be considered to be a difficult task.
This could be why it is very rarely mentioned in other web sites, too hard to explain or tackle. Possibly, " don't use it very often so we don't teach it".

Guitarmodes Lesson page will allow you to understand and play all modes of the Harmonic Minor scale in all keys across the entire fretboard.

16 Oct 2009