Modes, No Guitar or Music Experience Required (March 2010)

Never have we heard such a statement from any formal music teacher, lesson book, guitar magazine, internet lesson sites.

Guitarmodes has created a new copyright method that can withstand any criticism offered to the statement. Please feel free to challenge our statement. (click on Contact to the right).

No previous knowledge of the guitar is needed to understand how to play across the entire fretboard. No need for music notation, no need to explain what a chord is, no need to explain scales, no need for tablature. You may use them by all means.

Once the GM fretboard method has been described, the modes are easily understood. Actually it only takes another 30 seconds for a non musician to comprehend the concept for all modes.
Modes are obvious in the initial description when teaching a student.

We are aware that the GM method will reduce teaching time for a student therefore reducing income of teachers. The lesson could be considered a Master Lesson for beginners or anyone who does not have comprehensive knowledge of the fretboard. The Master Lesson could be directed toward a Beginner Class, Intermediate Class or Advanced Class at a premium rate or licenced to a music school so that the school could offer the method at a premium rate.

Please forward your interest to Ross.

29 Mar 2010