Mixolydian Pentatonic (April 2015)

Mixolydian Pentatonic can be derived from 5 notes of the C major scale.
G B C D F.

These notes are within the G7th chord.
Therefore the same scales degrees are consistent with any 7th chord.

The Mixolydian Pentatonic may be substituted for Minor Pentatonic in a typical 12 bar blues in the key of A.

The progression A7th, D7th and E7th being dominant chords, may utilise Mixolydian Pentatonic formed from the notes of each individual chord.

Listen closely, a very famous guitarist uses this Pentatonic mode.

Sounds like a challenge...not for Guitarmodes students. Thiis a typical exercise our beginner students handle with ease. It is only an outcome from learning our foundation method.

26 Apr 2015