Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales Played Together (December 2012)

Major and minor Pentatonic scales are often used together.
Johnny B. Goode is a good example.

In the key of A, play your AMajor Pentatonic vertically across the fretboard at the 5th fret.

Then play your Aminor Pentatonic vertically across the fretboard at the same location.

This will give you the location and sound of both scales in this position.

The notes used for the riff will now appear in context with your 2 Pentatonic scales.

This is also a good indication that we do not need to adhere to one strict scale or mode when playing solos or riffs.

Guitarmodes provides an extremely simple modal method to apply the Major and minor Pentatonic scales. All you pay is $2.95 and you will have 30 Sessions (and building), approximately 40 pages of valuable information.

Regards, Ross

26 Dec 2012