Learning Modes in the Key of C (May 2011)

When learning any type of scale and its modes, try always starting on a C note.

When you change to another scale, play it in the key of C also, you will be able to compare the difference in the sound of each scale. It is a way of comparing changes in each scale.

You will also find a benifit by learning chords constructed from the scales and modes based on the key of C.

After learning a riff, melody line, solo or chord pattern for a song in the original key, try transposing it to the key of C, where you can compare all previous learning.

By applying this stratergy you will be able to see, hear, compare and gain knowledge of the different notes used to change the structure of a song.

You will also gain valuable transposing experience.

The Guitarmodes method on the Lesson page, enables you to apply this concept to achieve a consolidated outcome.

6 May 2011