Layering Scales and Modulation (May 2010)

Guitarmodes method provides for instant layering of modes and scales.
You may be playing in the key of C second mode (C Dorian) then convert to Pentatonic in the key of C.
You may need to switch (modulate) between G Dorian and D Mixolydian.

Switching from the sixth mode (A Aeolian) to the third mode of C Harmonic Minor scale becomes an extremely easy transition for a beginner with our Guitarmodes method.

FROM any scale any key TO any scale any key.

No such thing as moving up and down the fretboard to locate a starting point, all scale changes can be located at the same root note. Guitarmodes method gives you the knowledge to start a new scale instantly on any note.

This can take years to learn, it's all their on Guitarmodes Lesson page.

20 May 2010