How to Play Diagonally Across the Fretboard (September 2010)

Guitar modes provides a very simple formula to play diagonally. You will gain the knowledge to immediately play from the C on the 6th string 8th fret back to the F at the first fret.
You will also be able to start on the C note at the 8th fret and play diagonally using any mode of the C major scale.
You will be able to do this simply in any key.

There is a wonderful outcome when you learn this concept. Look at a chord, try an open C chord, your fingers are placed diagonally on the notes across the fretboard.

The notes played diagonally are the notes for the chords as well. So each diagonal mode that you use will form chords and inversions for that mode.

Just to get you started (I have not seen this mentioned in free lessons on the internet)


This tip will give you some direction but the Lesson page will give you the simple formula.

15 Sep 2010