How to convert from Rock to Jazz (December 2011)

Guitar modes method provides knowledge to allow you to evolve from Rock and Blues style scales to Jazz style scales.

We do this by layering modes. For example, overlaying modes onto Pentatonic scales.

We do not use the major Pentatonic scale solely as a basis for the minor Pentatonic blues scale in this lesson.

We discribe the use of minor Pentatonic as the 5th mode (degree) of the major Pentatonic mode.

Therefore we can layer all modes of the Pentatonic scale with modes of the Major scale.

This system gets us to a point where we are playing chromatically.

You will then notice that Bebop and other Jazz scales are evident in the results.

This sounds technical. Sorry to upset the establishment but this is very simple using the Guitarmodes method, even at beginner level.

Regards, Ross

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4 Dec 2011