Hexatonic Scales 6 Note Scales (August 2013)

Guitar modes provides a simple method that is allied to convention allowing you to play 6 note scales across the fret board.

The way we attain a 6 note scale is to reduce the major scale from 7 notes to 6 notes.
We describe this by dropping the 7th note from the Major scale.
Then we use our Guitarmodes method to play hexatonic modes across the fretboard in all keys.

We need to determine which note to leave out to a acheive a certain purpose.

One outcome of learning this method is noticing that the pentatonic scale may be used as a foundation to add an extra note to create hexatonic scales.

This is not the blue note when playing a blues minor pentatonic scale.

By adding an extra note to the pentatonic scale we can obtain a stronger sound toward minor or major.

We have seen Hexatonic scale lessons on other web sites, I am sorry but they make it impossible for the beginner to understand. (You have to know it before you can understand it.)

Your will realise how small a task this is to play across the fretboard by using the Guitarmodes method as your foundation.

19 Aug 2013