Harmony for Harmonic Minor Scale (New Lesson May 2010)

Guitarmodes has another FIRST for teaching harmony or double stops for the Harmonic minor scale including harmonies for all modes of the scale. If you do a Google search you will see there are very few guitar sites in the results related to this subject. Pity, it sounds great when you play Double Stops over C minor and G Major chords in the key of C.

We have applied the Guitarmodes method and have an instantly understandable method that takes a few minutes to teach/learn.

Applying our method, a talented musician would have no trouble understanding, recognising, committing to memory, visualising, playing ALL SCALES, their modes and there modal harmonies in ONE WEEK.

I know this statement sounds rediculous but please stop searching and commit to doing the lesson because it will save you a lifetime trying to work it out. I charge $2.95 because this web site has cost $3500.00 to build along with many hours input (been a great pleasure I might add)

4 May 2010