Guitarmodes method helps the teacher and student:

To save the student a fortune paying teachers who teach the long way.
To be able to explain any theory concept to a student and they will comprehend it.
To allow the student to understand everything offered on youtube.
To teach others guitar theory.
To learn any song within their musical and physical ability.
To understand the false information provided on the net.
To avoid paying $200.00 for a years subscription to a lesson site.
To communicate at a higher level with other musicians.
To be innovative and unique with their creativity.
To know which scales to use with each chord.
To see what another musician is physically playing on the fretboard.
To go to a teacher to help them apply their theory knowledge.
To be welcomed at Berklee..or any formal institution in the world.
To jump on a fb group and converse with us, like GM students do.
To join the pieces of the puzzle that they have never been able to manage.
To realize that theory is easy if taught with a simple eloquent method.
To learn to look at different ways of seeing the fretboard.
To isolate theory from application.
To recognize the unnecessary clutter involved in teaching using conventional processes.
To know their fretboard for all scales modes harmony chords.
To comprehend music notation because they have a solid foundation in theory.
To link chords by using scale tones.
Ad infinitum......

25 Sep 2015