Guitar Modes Theory

Guitarmodes theory method does not use note names, sharps or flats, half steps or whole steps, tone, tone semi tone even modal names are not necessary when learning this method. (Guitar modes without theory).
Harmonic minor, melodic minor and pentatonic scales are all described using the Guitarmodes concept.
Formal theoretical terminology and indicators are used to allow a smooth transition to a formal theory teacher.
The method used is the same concept as when you are taught where to place your fingers when learning a basic chord. You do not learn the theory of chord stucture at this stage.
After you have learnt the Guitarmodes method of playing across the fretboard, you can learn all the theory you like.
If you are an experienced player you will recognise the melodies and chords that you play are contained within the Guitarmodes method. You will have the tools to expand and remain in the context of the musical piece.
If a teacher is showing theory, how to play a melody, riff or chords for a song, prior Guitarmodes method knowledge will prove to be an invaluable advantage to the student and teacher.

26 Oct 2009