Guitar Modes Short Cut on 2 Frets (March 2010)

This is an Article that provides a short cut method to learn to play all major modes using 2 frets on 6 strings.
10th fret: D G C F A D
12th fret: E A D G B E
To play in:
Ionian: C D E F G A B C use C note as backing.
Dorian: D E F G A B C D use D note as backing.
Phrygian: E F G A B C D E use E note as backing.
Lydian: F G A B C D E F use F note as backing.
Mixolydian: G A B C D E F G use G note as backing.
Aeolian: A B C D E F G A use A note as backing.
Locrian: B C D E F G A B use B note as backing.

If you slide these patterns up and down the fretboard you will also be able to play major modes in every key.

This example may seem strange but this is the theory. This concept does not fit with formal teaching methods but it may just help someone understand modes.(It is not the Guitarmodes method.)
Experienced musicians are able to make these simple patterns, using these positions, sound great.

All mode based web sites will give you the location of the notes for each mode. We have developed a new simple method to remember and play them across the fretboard in one easy lesson.

4 Oct 2009