Guitar Modes Road Map (Feb 2010)

Guitar modes method may be considered similar to following the lines that join the dots (towns) together on a road map.
We are given the dots showing the positions of notes across the fretboard. Now, Guitarmodes provides a new method that will allow you to join the dots and obtain advanced knowledge at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

A recent example Feb. 17th 2010:

Gave a lesson on Tuesday night to a 16 year old singer.
Her guitar knowledge was limited to the names of the open chords.

After one 2 hour lesson, she can locate and name every note across the fretboard, play in all modes in all keys across the fretboard, construct major and minor chords in all keys, including all inversions. Link inversions using GM method.

Do not waste another second not knowing how to do this no matter how many years you have been playing.

$2.95 is not going to make anybody rich even if 50 lessons are sold each week. The price is low to allow access to those who cannot afford high priced lessons and to those sceptics who do not want to lose $49.95.
The low price is also in place to get the method out there, it will grow.

Go for it.

17 Feb 2010