Guitar Modes Resouces (copy, paste web site list)

Guitarmodes method is a pre cursor to all other lessons on the internet, in books and DVD's etc.

The list of web sites BELOW are of potential benifit and will be more easily understood after you have learnt the Guitarmodes method.

Our method will teach you to play across the entire fretboard in one lesson before learning theory. This means horizontally and vertically, beginners and experienced players. It is no harder than learning your first basic chords. I have students who are able to play across the fretboard before they learn their first chord.

Our method will allow you to make sense of all other lessons. eg. What is? and How do I play? flattened thirds, b5, modes of other scales, Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian, pentatonic scales, chords, harmony, melodic minor, harmonic minor, improvising

Guitarmodes does not endorse or have any association with the following list of sites nor are we advertising these sites.

Here a some other sites that may provide valuable information and are worth purchasing consideration:
(A chart and lessons)
(Loads of answers)
(Professional resourses)
(Bruce Arnold Profile site)
(Many resources)
(Great first section for beginner basics)
(This is a well developed site)
(You should always use a formal teacher)
(The song lessons on this site are clear)
(For jazz resources)

As an experienced player, I have noticed that the way many internet lessons are expressed, you would have to know the information before you can understand what most lessons are trying to teach.
Spend just $2.95 with Guitarmodes and you will obtain the knowledge to interpert the theory behind each internet lesson.

Please send an email if you would like to add other resourceful web sites.
Let us know if you would like us to remove your domain name from this list.

10 Oct 2009