Guitar Modes Method Boxes Disappear (June 2010)

Boxes and C A G E D patterns disappear when you apply the Guitarmodes method.

An analogy:-

Think of dots and box shapes as fretboard diagrams then think of a road map.

Map = Fretboard
Shires = Boxes or C A G E D system
Towns = Dots
Roads = My method (Guitarmodes method)
Driver = Guitarist
Drive = Play

The shires (boxes) on a map (fretboard) indicate an area of towns (dots).

Roads (my method) are shown to join towns (dots).

Shires (boxes) are not seen by a driver (guitarist), they (guitarists) just drive (play) along the roads (my method) through the shires (boxes) and towns (dots).

Take a tour of the fretboard (map). Plan a route (scale). Start at any dot (town), change route(scale) at any time.

Guitarmodes are offering to be your guide.

BUT still use boxes if you so desire.

31 May 2010