Guitar Modes Lesson Structure for Teachers (March 2010)

Lessons must follow a structured format. Guitarmodes method follows a set of steps to explain and deliver the lesson. No previous knowledge of scales will be required by the student.

Lesson 1

1. The most important aspect is to tell the student that they must count each note they play.
This is only up to 7...This will become second nature with consistency, there will be no need to count when the student becomes familiar with the structure.

2. Explain to the student that the method is similar to describing where to place fingers to form an open chord. There is no need to teach note names or chord structure when learning the method. We use another GM method to teach these in the next part of the lesson page.

3. An analogy for the GM method may be shown on a keyboard, allowing the student to hear the notes on the keyboard. Start on C, use only white (Major) notes. The keyboard is a less abstract instrument to describe musical concepts.

3. Run through the method to give an overview and cross reference to the keyboard.

4. Stop the experienced player from trying to reference back to previous knowledge eg. "You mean flatten the third" etc. The GM method will make sense to those when we finish the delivery, this only takes a few minutes.

5. Present the GM method in diagram form. I tend not to use it at this stage because it may distract the student from consentrating directly on the fretboard.

6. Work through with the student to consolidate the GM method. Start on the C note, A string, 3rd fret, attention being paid to correct fingering. Most able students will do this in a few minutes.(keep counting)

7. Play an appropriate note or chord as backing while the student plays through the notes. This allows the student to hear the difference in the sounds that modes create. Yes, we play modes immediately.

Other lessons

8. Start with the C note to locate all other notes on the fretboard using note names in place of numbers. Use the Guitarmodes Note Mapping lesson.

9. Teach the GM Modal Harmony method. Provide a fretboard diagram. No need for the piano analogy this time. It is easier to see, discribe and play harmonies on the guitar with the GM method.

10. Teach the GM Chord Structure method. Explain that 3 notes are required to make a chord and that a chord may be extended. The lesson page will give our simple GM method to constuct all chords.

Teach all other scales the same way.

This is a guide to teaching the Guitarmodes method.
You will need to go to the Lesson page for the teaching resources.

Guitar Modes method author has copyright.

5 Mar 2010