Guitar Modes Concept (July 2010)

Guitarmodes method is a simple concept that may be applied to any scale. The outcomes are: Complete knowledge of the fretboard
Complete knowledge of all scales
Complete knowledge of modes for all scales
Complete knowledge of double stop harmonies
Complete knowledge of Arpeggio structure for all scales
Complete knowledge of chord stucture for all scales
The basis for lesson theory no matter how complex

In one lesson you will be able to apply the Guitarmodes method/concept to any scale you may choose.

We do not take the direction of having to learn each individual mode. Do not learn Dorian only.
Learn all modes at the same time, in far less time than it takes to learn the Dorian scale using the conventional method.

All modes are locatable at your selected starting note and are accessible at any point during a scale.
No moving boxes up and down the fretboard as with Pitch Axis Theory. No need to learn the chord shapes and positions for the CAGED method.

We have difficulty choosing one particular target market because it is applicable to all who desire fretboard knowledge and may be taught/leart at any level.

5 Jul 2010