Guitar Modes are Already in Your Playing (October 2012)

When you learn chords, scales, harmonised scales, arpeggios, riffs, you are already playing scales and their modes.

One Example:
By playing C Major, D minor and E minor chords, you have played all notes of the C Major scale. Therefore, you have played all notes that create all major modes in the key of C.

If you play these as 3 note chords across the fretboard, using inversions (same notes for each chord in different order), you will learn the notes of the C major scale across the fretboard. This will give you all your notes for the modes of the C major scale.

Having this knowledge will reinforce the concept that under every riff, melody or single note, there is an appropriate chord.

Guitarmodes method provides you with the knowledge to do this in Session 1 at beginner level.

24 Oct 2012