Guitar Modes and Scales (April 2010)

Scales and guitar modes are utilised as a basis for melody, improvisation and linking chords. A student may develop the knowledge with a formal approach either by private or institutional means.

The private teacher approach would allow for an agreement between the teacher and the student as to the lessons being formal (classic) or informal. Teaching methods, may also be optional.

The study of modes and scales at an institution such as The Conservatorium of Music or Berklee College of Music, require compulsory musical notation knowledge.

A student having graduated from an institution will have a number of tools to offer as teaching methods for their private students.

The Guitarmodes method is ideal for private teachers offering an informal stucture. Teachers will find that they are able to quickly set a firm knowledge base for the fretboard. This in turn will facilitate mode and scale development.

26 Oct 2009