Guitar Modes and Fretboard Knowledge Revolusionised (April 2010)

The modern guitarist now has a method to learn the fretboard and modes in one lesson at beginner level.

Without prejudice to other web sites and with the greatest respect to conventional theory teaching methods. Guitarmodes method is a prerequsite to all other lessons.

This is a typical list to prerequisites to learn guitar modes and the fretboard.

Site 1.

Guitarmodes method negates the need for these prerequisites to learn modes and to have fretboard knowledge.

Site 2.

Guitarmodes method will allow all functions to be easily understood and played.

Site 3.

Guitarmodes web site will render all other lessons to be an extension to the guitarmodes method.

Site 4.

Lots of dots, Guitarmodes will teach you how to play fluently so that you may use these patterns. Guitarmodes does not use these patterns to teach modes, scales, or the fretboard.

Site 5.

Professional and complete
The author has done a lot of work to offer a new way of presenting modes in graphic form. Guitarmodes method reduces the time down to a few minutes and does not use sharps or flats. No need for drawings.

17 Apr 2010