Guitar Mode Patterns are Your Choice (April 2010)

Guitar modes offers a method that produces a large number of ways to play all scales easily across the fretboard.

Once you have learnt using the initial method, required for consistency, you may move on to chosing a myriad of ways to get across the fretboard. All of these patterns, based on the Guitarmodes method, are extremely simple. We help you along with some of the ways on the lesson page.

You will find that by using varied patterns and fingering you will develop and broaden your style.

You will acquire the basis for Jazz, Rock, Metal, Country styles with the Guitarmodes teaching concept.

There are many free lesson sites and video lessons that may assist your development but firstly reduce the months of learning the fretboard down to one Guitarmodes lesson. Then go to all the free sites armed with the ability to understand everthing that appears on your screen.

22 Apr 2010