Guitar Lessons Online

Guitar lessons online can provide valuable information as do books and DVD’s. This information, most importantly, needs to be delivered to a student by an experienced, competent teacher. Each student has individual needs dependant upon natural ability.

The teacher offers instructions that facilitate the correct development of technique allowing the student to continue advancing. Teachers will also offer a selection of resources that are specific to a student, such as access and direction toward higher musical qualifications, recommendations for the type of equipment required and even favourable pricing for gear.
Teachers utilise many resources during the lesson. These may include the use of a keyboard, percussion, the voice, guitar backing music, metronome, CD, midi file players, musical notation, TAB, exercises, online resources etc. All these numerous tools are available to refine the lesson to suit the needs of individual students and speed up the learning procedure.

Psychological approach to playing an instrument and playing with fellow musicians are always on the agenda during a lesson. Reassessing the students’ depth of knowledge from previous lessons is an ongoing process. Questions may be answered throughout the lesson that will be important to the student's development.

All obvious reasons why online lessons are less expensive. Again these concepts are of paramount importance and are all the more reason to study the guitar on a student/teacher basis.

The internet should be used as a resource for both teachers and students but without the teacher by your side, learning an instrument is a long process.

The method is a resource for teachers. A student of any age or ability will gain the knowledge to play the major scale across the entire fretboard in one lesson. Simple formulas are always proven to be the best.

20 Feb 2009