Double Augmented Scale (April 2015)

The Double Augmented scale gives a very strong Indian sound.

It is a 6 note scale.

The Augmented chord can be located at the 3rd degree of the Harmonic minor scale.

In the key of C (Harmonic minor scale) the notes are:
D# G B

If you where to play the Augmented chord linearly, each note is 4 frets apart.

eg, D#...E F F# G
G is the 4th fret from the D# note.

G...G# A A# B
B is the 4th fret from the G note.

By adding a note one fret below each Augmented chord note, you will have the Double Augmented Scale.

D D#...F# G..Bb B.back to D D#

16 Apr 2015