Diminished Scales and Chords (August 2013)

Guitar modes gives you a simple method to understand and play Diminished Scales, chords and modes across the fret board.

The Diminished chord is conventionally taught by using the Major scale as a basis then notes are adjusted using Flats.
We use scales and their modes, Sharps or Flats are not used.

A straight diminished chord can be made from the 7th, 2nd and 4th note of the major scale.

The conventional method to create a Diminished chord:
Use the 1st note, 3rd note, 5th note of the major scale.

b means flatten the note by moving your finger 1 fret to a lower note.

The diminished chord must have the 3rd note flat.

The diminished chord must also have the 5th note flat.

1, b3, b5 (use these notes to make the Diminished chord)

The dim7 chord pronounced Diminished seventh:
1st note, 3rd note, 5th note and the 7th note of the major scale are adjusted.

1, b3, b5, bb7....
You must flatten the 7th note of the Major scale twice.
Flatten the 7th note of the major scale then diminish the b7.

This note is the same as the 6th note in the Major scale.

Each note of the Diminished chord is 3 frets above the note before it.

The half Diminished chord has the:

1st, b3rd, b5th, b7th notes
The 7th note of the major scale is not flattened twice.

The Lesson page shows how the notes for the diminished scales are used to form 2 modes and the diminished chords. You may then choose the mode that suits the Diminished chord.

27 Aug 2013