Blues Scale

Blues Scales may be explained using the Major Pentatonic Scale as a basis.

Take a look at our Article on Major Pentatonic Scales.

You need only add one note to this scale to produce the (Minor) Blues Scale.

The much easier Guitarmodes method for playing the Blues Scale across the entire fretboard is provided in the Lesson page.

When you want to use the Blues Scale in the key of A, start with the 5th degree of the Major Pentatonic Scale on an A note.
Then add a note between 2 and 3 of the Major Pentatonic Scale.

1 - C - 1st mode of the C Major Pentatonic Scale
2 - D - 2nd "
Add your D# here to create the Blues Scale
3 - E - 3rd "
5 - G - 4th "
6 - A - 5th mode of the C Major Pentatonic Scale (A Minor Pentatonic Scale)

In the key of A:

6 - A - 1st mode of the A Blues Scale
1 - C - 2nd "
2 - D - 3rd "
#2 - D# - 4th "
3 - E - 5th "
5 - G - 6th "
6 - A - 1st mode of the A Blues Scale

The first column of numbers indicate the degree of the C major scale.

The mode numbers are used in the lesson page to apply the Guitarmodes method.

Yes the added #2 note may be the basis for a mode within the Blues Scale.

The 2nd mode of the A Blues Scale sounds pretty cool with an A7 chord.

If you would like help with the knowledge to play each mode effortlessly across the fretboard, head to the Lesson page, This is a conventional way of teaching the Major Pentatonic Scale. We make it much easier with the Guitarmodes method.

14 Oct 2009