Arpeggios Explained (June 2010)

Guitar modes method on the Lesson page gives you the knowledge to play all Arpeggios for all scales and their modes used for sweep picking across the fretboard. You will find this to be a simple process. Then you will need to work hard to become proficient at accuracy then speed.

The word Arpeggio is an term used to indicate the playing of individual notes of a chord and are created by using the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th notes of a 7 note scale.
The same procedure and notes used to create chords from a selected scale.

Remember, some chords are created with 3 notes (major and minor). You will need to continue locating the same 3 notes for each scale across the fretboard.

Extended chords will use more notes so you will have to locate, say 4 notes in various positions across the fretboard.

Location of notes are selected to give the smoothest route across the fretboard by applying one note per string where possible.

One approach is to play down stokes across all strings from 6th to 1st strings.
Then play all up stroke from the 1st string to the 6th string. With 2 plucks on the 6th string and 2 plucks on the 1st string.

It is very important to establish timing at the learning stage, based on the number of strings that are swept.

Distortion effects tend to allow the sound of each string to blend together.

Guitarmodes method is ideal for locating sweep picking shapes. We will show you using a logical process, how to start at beginner level with simple shapes then expand to all stings and positions.

Head to the Lesson page to gain a wealth of knowledge.

26 Jun 2010