All Starting Positions for 2 Note Harmony (January 2011)

Guitar Modes method Lesson page will give you the formula to locate starting positions for double stop harmonies (2 note) from the major scale and all the modes of the major scale.

The required notes are the 1st and 3rd notes of the major scale and 1st and 3rd notes of each mode of the major scale.

For example, there are 6 starting positions for major modes based on the root note (starting note, say A note, E 6th string 5th fret). There is also a neat outcome for locating the starting positions for all minor modes.

If you are a guitarist you will know that these are invaluable tools, giving a huge amount of options for improvising.

This can take a long time to figure out but with the Guitarmodes method
you will gain the knowledge with very little effort. It is another outcome after learning the basic method.

This is NOT just another ''every teacher has their own method''.
It is unique, it is not unconventional.

23 Jan 2011