8. Guitar Lessons Revisited

The musician who has been playing and teaching for many years will consider going back to learning a new method a bit of a task. Guitarmodes is aware of the lack of time to do this as well.
Our method will take a teacher and most students only minutes to comprehend. The method will reduce the learning and teaching process significantly.

A question was asked of a Conservatorium of Music student. "How long did it take for you to become familiar with modes so that you were able to play all modes across the fretboard using the classic teaching method?" "About a year" was the reply. "How long would it have taken if you applied the Guitatmodes Method?" "about a week" was the reply. This is not to say that all students will be fluent in one week though there will be the understanding to do so depending on ability and effort.

The method is going to shorten the learning process, it will reduce the number of lessons required to complete the process.

27 Apr 2009