1. Lessons for the Beginner (Feb 2010)

Guitarmodes will be providing information for the begginer in this Article.
We always recommend that a formal guitar teacher be considered.

Terminology will be kept at a basic level, respecting the new student's understanding of the language of music theory and the guitar.

We will work toward informing you of the concepts involved in learning the guitar. You would then expect your formal teacher to expand on these concepts.

You will find it easier to understand the basics
by refering to a keyboard.
Locate these notes on the piano.
The C major scale.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The numbers may be used as replacements for note names.
They are called degrees of the major scale.

Three different notes played together form a chord.

Play 1 3 5 to create a C major chord

Play 2 4 6 to create a D minor chord

Play 3 5 7 to create an E minor chord

Play 4 6 1 to create an F major chord

Play 5 7 2 to create a G major chord

Play 6 1 3 to create a A minor chord

Play 7 2 4 to create a B diminished chord

Learning the notes across the fretboard.

Guitarmodes method provides a major benefit to learning all note positions. It is available on the lesson page.

Another way would be to do a full scale drawing (a map) of your fretboard on a large piece of paper. Draw in the frets. Write the note names on top of the drawn frets so they face upwards. Cut your drawing out, stick your drawing onto the fretboard under the strings with removable tape. The notes will obviously buzz but going through the process helps to consolidate your knowledge.

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