Modes in one easy lesson using our new unique teaching method.

Developed for 6 string guitar and 4 string bass guitar, our simple technique will have you playing all major modes right across the fretboard in any key.

Guitar harmony method

Apply modal harmonies with our new simple teaching technique.

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What you get for your dollars

  • A simple and easy explanation of how modes work.
  • An explanation of a keyboard/guitar relationship.
  • Photos of the guitar fretboard throughout the lesson showing very simple patterns (shapes).
  • Tab/notation and midi files to assist learning the shapes.
  • Methods to remember and locate the shapes.
  • How to make the shapes work together to create modes. Just two of these very small shapes will allow you to play your major scale and all the modes across the entire fretboard.
  • An explanation of how to select a mode for a chord or key.
  • How to use modes with a chord progression.
  • How to play vertically and horizontally across the fretboard using the shapes/modes.
  • How to improvise by starting with a chord then selecting a simple shape to take you to an inversion of the chord. Simply, linking chord inversions using shapes.
  • Bonus (NEW) Harmonic Minor modal lesson. A simple lesson that teaches how to apply Guitarmodes method so that you may play in all modes of this scale.
  • Bonus (NEW) Pentatonic Scale modal lesson. This will open up a broad range of possibilities compared to the old box shape method.
  • BONUS (NEW) Modal harmony lesson. A simple way to apply harmonies to your modal improvisation.

These are complete lessons although we are always adding newly developed information.

Genuine, simple and quick

Many high profile musicians have indicated that this is the simplest method to learn modes.

This method is about to be trialled in a government school, negotiations are underway. We will update this statement when the trial occurs.

Resources to aid your new methods

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